Furniture for coffee shop, pine furniture for vintage coffee, furniture for restaurant

Furniture for coffee shop, pine furniture for vintage coffee, furniture for restaurant

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At Phong Cach Moc we specialise in all the pine furniture you need for your coffee shop or cafe restaurant, pub, beer club including chairs, armchairs, tables, bar stools. We have a very wide range of styles to suit all budgets and requirements that today's busy cafes and coffee shops need.

Lounge chair
Code: MN67
+ Chair: D40*75 cm - Price: 820.000 VNĐ/one
+ Table: D60*100 cm - Price: Contact us

Opening or refurbishing your coffee shop can be a very stressful time, so Phong Cach Moc ensure everything you purchase is manufactured and delivered to agreed deadlines and costs. All our furniture is sourced from our factory, thus make sure that you can get a best price in Vietnam.

Code: MN85
Set: 1.860.000vnđ (1 table+ 4 chairs)
+ Chair: 40*40*70(+30) - Price: 300.000 VNĐ/one
+ Table: 80*80*100 cm - Price: 660.000 VNĐ/one

Our coffee shop furniture range includes many design classics, retro styles or the traditional classic look with with many items held in stock for immediate delivery. 

Code: MN76
Set: 1.865.000vnđ (1 table+ 4 chairs)
+ Chair: 40*40*75(+45) - Price: 300.000 VNĐ/one
+ Table: 80*80*75 cm - Price: 665.000 VNĐ/one

Code: MN72
Set: 2.050.000vnđ (1 table+ 4 chairs)
+ Chair: 40*40*70(+30) - Price: 320.000 VNĐ/one
+ Table: 120*60*100 cm - Price: 770.000 VNĐ/one

So if you are a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, hotel, pub or bar looking to bring your exterior areas to life, then please get in touch as we offer a sample service so you can see before you buy with confidence. 

Code: MN69
Set: 2.300.000vnđ (1 table+ 4 chairs)
+ Chair: 55*55**45(+45) cm - Price: 420.000 VNĐ/one
+ Table: 60*60*75 cm - Price: 620.000 VNĐ/one


Hotline: 0946772255- 0949779798


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